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What's Your Engagement Ring Style?

Finding something unique is of paramount importance when shopping, whether for yourself or when searching for a gift for someone else, and your engagement ring isn’t excluded. A halo or floral ring is an excellent choice for someone who thrives off having something that other people will drool over!

Vintage is a big draw for you and heavily influences where (and how) you shop. Retro silhouettes and details have a sort of romantic history to them that you love having in your closet. And while a classic diamond will always work, don’t be surprised if your eyes are drawn to a colored number!

You are all about the story and multiple stone rings can carry a lot of meaning, whether it be a three-stone ring can represent “past, present and future.” Alternately, the ring can symbolize “friendship, love and fidelity.”

Simplicity is key, featuring that beautiful stone in a simple setting allows it to really shine! It also allows for functionality as you can pair that solitaire with a number of different bands! Whether it's your wardrobe, food choices, or you're packing a bag for a vacation, you know functionality is always best and that shows in your jewelry choices as well.

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