Loch Jewelers offers complete custom design right in our showroom. By utilizing 3D design software, we offer a wide range of customizable styles in numerous setting options. We work with you through raw sketches to CAD imagine, the wax casting, and then the completely finished piece. Whether you want a completely unique look for a ring, pendant, bracelet, or pin, we can help you create a piece exactly how you want it. The timeframe on a custom piece is around four to six weeks, which is all it takes to transform your exhausted jewelry into something sparkling and new. By trading in your original metal and even using your original gemstones, you may be pleasantly surprised at the cost, but you won’t be disappointed at the final reveal.


Step 1 – Consultation

Our custom begins with a free of charge consultation where we assist in putting your drams and inspirations to paper. These ideas and plans set in the consultation will be following up with an original design based on your detailed instruction.

Step 2 – CAD/3D Model

A Loch Jewelers designer will create a 3D computer model of your dream design. From there you may make changes, which you can see in real time. The sketch allow us to provide a price quote and time frame for completion.

Step 3 – Wax Mold

Our skilled jewelers will hand crave or have it printed creating a prototype. The mold gives the wearer a replace of the soon-to-be finished piece.

Step 4 – Casting and Finishing

Upon approval of the wax mold we will begin casting your dream design. And our custom design studio will begin setting your stones into your design ensuring you receive a beautiful one-of–a–kind heirloom-quality jewelry the will be enjoyed for generations to come.



Wondering what to do with a fragile, treasured heirloom? Ask us today how you can transform it into something new with our innovative custom design experience.

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