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In 1949, Jule W. Loch founded Loch Jewelers in Maple Lake, MN. The present location of Loch Jewelers is in Monticello, MN. Loch Jewelers has been serving the area for over 65 years. Jule’s wife and mother of 11 children, Monica Loch, has been a positive influence over the years. From the beginning Monica supported Jule in his plan to create a business to support his family. Then, in 1971 Jule passed away from cancer and Monica operated the store with the help of her children.

In 1977, Loch Jewelers reopened in downtown Monticello. Monica was then joined by her son, Steve Loch, a Master Watchmaker.

In 1980, Monica’s son, Alan Loch, also joined the business as a Master Goldsmith.


In 1998, Monticello Community Partners recognized Loch Jewelers for its restoration of our downtown location. It was remodeled back to the 1800’s with a full 24k gold inlay glass sign and vintage hanging lights. The sign is still displayed today in our new location.

In 2005, Monica Loch retired after fifty-six years in the business. Although she still continues to check in on her two sons, Steve and Alan, and her grandchild, Andrea, who is now operating the family business.

In 2006, A lot of changes have taken place. Loch Jewelers relocated to the southeast side of Monticello. This has been the most prominent change in twenty-nine years. You can find Loch Jewelers near the intersection of Highway 25 and Chelsea Road. This move allows Loch Jewelers guests to enjoy more room and an elegant, more comfortable atmosphere.

In 2010, With this family team, the business has grown from state wide, to national, and now to an international business. Alan (2nd Generation) is certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) for diamond grading, and travels annually to Antwerp, Belgium. Steve Loch (2nd Generation) travels to Southern Africa to work directly with our diamond cutters confirming the strict quality and business ethics that we follow.



Loch Jewelers has grown into a 3rd Generation store with Steve’s daughter Andrea, who is our Floor Manager, and Alan and Steve’s nephew, Matthew our Goldsmith and Horologist, stepping in. Andrea has traveled to the diamond capitol of the world Antwerp, Belgium, to find the most beautiful diamonds before they enter the world market.

We offer a variety of services such as; Hand crafted custom jeweler, personalized engraving, jewelry appraisal, three Gold Smith on staff, and 40 years of experience watch maker on staff.

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